Sunday, April 11, 2010

From the Vintage Media Network Vault

Some of you may not know that I have started publishing some old Media Network editions as podcasts. Since I have digitized many of the old editions in my spare time, I thought I'd respond to requests from friends to share this nostalgia.

In the early hours of Thursday August 2nd 1990, Iraq launched an invasion on Kuwait.

Initially, Iraqi forces managed to capture the studios of Kuwait Radio & Television at the Ministry of Information building. But after a period of silence, people running the shortwave transmitter of Radio Kuwait succeeded in getting the station back on the air with an announcement on all Radio Kuwait’s frequencies.

In this edition of Media Network we examined the media aspects of the Iraq-Kuwait conflict and some rumours that started to lead a life of their own. The show is an example of how important shortwve external broadcasting was in trying to follow all aspects of a story. Remember this is well before the influence of Internet or satellite television in the region. The show is also a good example of how the audience took part in sharing their observations alongside the "official" sources. I was always amazed at peoples' willingness to contribute, especially when making an international phone call was a big deal. Enjoy
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