Monday, January 18, 2010

Move the Dish - BBC Persian Jammed in Iran

BBC Persian Service now advising viewers in Iran how to find their signal again on another satellite. They are continuing to broadcast into Iran despite attempts to jam the station's signal. The persistent interference began soon after BBC Persian began extended coverage of the death of leading reformist cleric Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri. Jamming began on Sunday 20 December and affected the Hotbird 6 satellite which carries the BBC's international television and radio services in various languages as well as services from other broadcasters like IBB/RFE/RL. BBC Persian television is also carried on other satellite networks including Telstar and Eutelsat W2M, the satellite they are promoting in the video above.

The interference comes from inside Iran.

BBC Persian is one of the oldest of the BBC's non-English language services. Launched on 28 December 1940, it started as a radio service evolving only recently into a TV service serving Persian speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and across the world.

I get the impression that the BBC Persian service has actually been more successful that the launch of BBC Arabic TV, partly because they have much less competition, but also because they didn't try to go 24hrs.
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