Sunday, February 01, 2009

NHK World - a few hours to relaunch?

NHK is hoping its relaunch today February 2nd will put it in the same league at BBC World News and CNN. Frankly, the only way they can go at the moment is up, since it is rare to find a service that's so devoid of context. I haven't seen them do live dicussion events - its just newsreaders with autocues linking pieces. The Japanese international TV channel NHK World is to introduce hourly news bulletins in English, starting February 2.
A carriage agreement with Sky Digital in the UK brought the number of homes in which NHK World is available to over 80 million and NHK says they are aiming for 110 million homes by the summer. But they have to fix the website....seriously dull comes to mind. When I checked at midnight Amsterdam time on the 2nd, they were still showing a page which hadn't been updated in 8 hours. I presume the relaunch will be later in the day.
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