Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Norton Symantec Reality Gap

Had to laugh about a promotional offer in my intray today. Even if my PC not only slowed down but went into reverse, I would never dream of calling Symantec's customer service. When I had Norton software, the only advice I ever from from their "experts" was to deinstall-reinstall their software or someone reading from the FAQ's I later discovered on-line. These guys need a serious reality check. Based on past experience, I would never let any of these guys near my PC.

The early days of Norton were great - utilities that defragged the hard disk before they became standard bits of any operating system. But since the take-over by Symantec, Norton AntiVirus & Firewall products have grown like a cancer, more clumsy every year. I had situations were I had subscriptions to virus-prevention updates, but the basic program was no longer compatible. And I couldn't get the on-line forms to recognise a Dutch VAT number. In frustration, I paid the VAT. Pleased I went to Kaspersky instead.
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