Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Navteq is Nokia's

From Engadget

In the brave new world of GPS, Nokia and NAVTEQ are one as are TomTom and Tele Atlas. At least that will be the picture within 5 business days. With the European Commission's "unconditional approval" granted, Nokia can now close the deal on its planned, $8.1 billion acquisition of NAVTEQ.

What makes the whole thing a bit more interesting is that Google signed a long term agreement with Tele Atlas on Monday which gives it access to Tele Atlas maps for use in any of Google's mobile, desktop, and on-line offerings. A move likely to put Android in even greater competition with Nokia which opted out of the Open Handset Alliance. Good times

I'd put Navteq in the same boat as Norton (see below). They are still dealing with navigation products not a navigation service. Remember, if you shell out 300 Euros for their maps of Europe, don't dream that if you change your car you can swap out the discs for one that will work in the new motor. Even if the maps come from the same source. Stuff the updates, especially with the economy biting into road building.
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