Thursday, July 24, 2008

Doc Searls on the future of free-to-air radio

Don't quite agree with Doc that over-the-air FM is finished quite as quickly in Europe as it appears in the US. I'd give it another 20 years. But AM is going to disappear a lot quicker than that - simply due to spiralling energy costs. One religious station is paying around 100,000 dollars a month to keep a 200kW AM transmitter running. Their future is just a series of rescue attempts.

But I do call my iPod Touch a radio. Great listening to the streams of audio over the wifi network. works perfectly. I'll wait for them to iron out the bugs in the iPhone 2.0 before I fork out. The Nokia N95 has a much better camera - and the audio is brilliant too. More from Doc here.

The photo, by the way, is local. There is an antenna street, and a transmitter lane, in my town. That's because between 1937 and 1957 the old wooden rotatable masts of PHOHI/PCJJ, (later Radio Netherlands) were located here. You may remember they built a 1/5th scale model of the towers on a roundabout on the outskirts of the town. Still there.

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