Monday, May 26, 2008

Essent - Please someone buy these guys

Holland’s largest energy concern, Essent, is at risk of falling into foreign hands and is already believed to be in ‘orientation talks’ with Italy’s Enel, Denmark’s Dong,France’s Suez and the British firm Centrica, reports today's Financieele Dagblad. That sounds like its a bad thing.

Believe me it isn't. Hopefully, it will be sold off to foreign hands ASAP who will run a clean sweep through their truly terrible customer service operations. I am so glad I am rid of these jokers thanks to the break-up of the consumer energy monopoly here in the Netherlands. They outsourced everything to call centres who dealt with complaints by asking you to send a fax - and promptly ignoring what you wrote. With energy prices rising through the roof, a bit of customer service isn't too much to ask.
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