Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Wifi Radio for less

  Very impressed by a new Chinese made Wifi Radio that has gone on sale in Curry's in the UK for 99 pounds sterling. The sound quality is as good as the more expensive Acoustic Energy model mentioned further down the blog. It really was a case of plug and play and I was amazed that the people in Curry's (their shop in the Strand) knew what I was talking about and could explain how it worked. You must have wifi at home. Switch the set on and it loads more than 5000 station names (and streaming info) in a matter of 10 seconds. The set copes with Windows Media, Real and MP3 streaming. I'm listening to local stations in South Africa (Bush Radio, Cape Talk) as well as Australia, New Zealand and the US. In short, I really recommend you try one out (I have no connection with them). The people making the technology, Reciva, have built a personalized website, so you can add new stations to your radio as you bump into them on the web. Dixons in the Uk sell it on-line for 95.99 pounds, but there are delivery costs on top of that.  Posted by Picasa
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