Thursday, February 02, 2006

And so for a liquid lunch

Pretty sure the journalists were drowning their complaints about EbyS in the pub across the road from the EU Commissioners HQ. It's called The Old Hack's pub

This from the pub guide

The Old Hack

Wonderful little bar opposite the monumental Berlaymont that is always busy at lunch-times due to the splendid food on offer. The Hack has been around since the dawn of time, but has been revamped by a Dutch couple (he cooks, she's front-of-house). Book your table well in advance if you want a tasty and keenly priced lunch. The bar is often lively in the evening too, but is closed weekends when most of the Schuman area simply shuts down. It's also closed throughout August for precisely the same reason.

176 Rue Joseph II, tel +32 2 230.81.18.

The Pub

The Pub is a relatively new bar to Schuman that rose from the ashes of O'Dwyers. Ultra-keen prices, a free barbecue each Wednesday evening and the relative luxury of a pool table make this small but perfectly formed bar a potential winner. Three plasma screens for sports complete the picture. Basically, it's a lot more entertaining than the somewhat unimaginative name!
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