Saturday, January 28, 2006

Technical Challenges

Discovered at last why I was having problems posting to Blogger. No, their servers were not down. No, it wasn't anything to do with some censorship on certain sites. It was a firewall in a new Speedtouch Modem which I installed to -in theory - switch to ADSL 2. It is a bit faster than before it is true. But I had to delve into the instruction book to try and switch off a firewall inside the modem - which was competing with the other firewall on my desktop. I am having second thoughts about subscribing to Norton Firewalls this year. I find these guys have come up with one of the most confusing websites on the planet - especially if you are trying to solve simple problems (like e-mail being blocked by Norton Personal Security). I found the solution eventually (a setting in Outlook), but they don't make the quest any easier. And when it came to downloading updates, Norton didn't even recognise its own authors as being a trustworthy site. Anyway, back now.
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