Friday, February 11, 2005

DMB, not DAB, is the mobile BC technology of the future

This phone is the start of a new era for DAB in the world. DAB in its current form is very slow in taking off (except in the UK), but video over the robust DAB mobile platform is going to start in Korea in a few months time, pushed by broadcaster KBS. In France, trials of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting are scheduled for the summer. The video quality is amazing...500 kB stream, so 2 video channels per DAB multiplex, plus 4 audio channels.

Using the DAB platform, and with only minor modifications, DMB allows
for the delivery of television, video and data to mobile devices
alongside existing DAB radio services. DMB benefits from a widely
installed and established DAB network infrastructure, already reaching
80% of Europe. To date there are over 600 DAB services available
reaching 330 million people in 40 countries. Unfortunately, only the UK has apparently got the legislation right to encourage content companies to switch away from analogue. In Holland, commercial broadcasters are boycotting DAB on the grounds that the government already vastly overcharged them for the FM licences...true! DMB might be the stimulus they are waiting for.

Recently LG Electronics also launched the first DMB mobile phone and devices are expected to be commercially available in Korea this Spring. Posted by Hello
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